Learning Adobe Illustrator
My first Projects
I am currently learning and playing around with Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to do that for quite a while now... In this Behance project I’ll showcase some of my first “projects”. 

Let’s see how I’ll make some progress with illustrator :-)

After watching a couple of tutorials especially from Pixel & Bracket I thought I have a very rough understanding of the basic tools and methods so I tried out my very first project without a step by step tutorial. 

This little Lighthouse was the result: 
After my little Lighthouse project I really liked how the cliffs came out so I wanted to do more cliffs ;-)

So I created a collection on Unsplash (Thanks to all the awesome photographers!) and grabbed the pen tool. 
The image I used as a template was this one. Big thanks to asoggetti!
I was really happy how my first projects came out. It is so much fun to try out all these tools and possibilities! I wanted to see what others can do with Illustrator and checked out Reddit and Pinterest. Really awesome stuff!

I felt in love with these flat landscape 
As an inspiration and kind of a template I used the this.
Paying around with Adobe Illustrator is really so much fun :-) I am so happy that the subscription for students is really affordable.

Next I wanted to try out something I could use also for other projects. So I decided to create some Japan related assets. Last year I went to Japan and a photo book is still on my bucket list. In this book I would like to use some of my designs. 

I started with my most favourite Japanese thing... Ramen ;-) 
After I completed my next Japan Asset - the Torii Gate - I had a lot of Ideas what I could do with it. 
This is one of them:

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